Sterling Plantations Limited is a public company limited by shares incorporated under the Corporations Act. It was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 25 September 2006.

The Sterling group operates the following businesses:

  • oil palm plantation development through Sterling Plantations Sdn Bhd which is the investment holding company for its oil palm plantation development business; and
  • is planning to develop an oil palm mill through SPC Palm Mills Sdn Bhd.

Sterling Plantations

Sterling Plantations controls Golden Palm Growers Berhad, a Malaysian company that is developing an 11,000 acre oil palm plantation in Malaysia. Golden Palm Growers operates the Golden Palm Growers Scheme, an investment scheme that was launched in August 2010 to raise funding for the plantation development. The sale of grower plots under the Golden Palm Growers Scheme is managed by its marketing arm, Golden Palm Marketing Sdn Bhd.

SPC Palm Mills

This is a special purpose subsidiary established to develop an oil palm mill that will complement the Groupís plantation business.

The Group operating structure is shown below:

Group Structure as at March 2014